Court Service Providers
OCSE and assess/visitation fund court service providers to increase custody for fathers. MHPs, Mental Health Practitioners, include psychologist, social worker, and psychiatrist. Reference: CRS report “Fatherhood Initiatives: Connecting Fathers to Their Children”

Mediation – this could be a lawyer or Mental Health Practitioner (MHP) appointed by the court to be the family decision-maker; could be called a co-parenting coordinator. One report stated “mediation may help parents reconsider separating” an example of one way fatherhood programs work with marriage promotion programs.

Counseling – an MHP, usually psychologist or social worker, appointed by court again to act as family decision-maker or to “treat” claims of abuse by Mother and children (for instance: PAS). A counselor could also use the co-parenting coordinator logo.

Parental education – some courts order specific programs like “Children in the Middle” a film developed by the trade association, AFCC; MHPs may also bill under the education line item.

Development of parenting plans – these are custody orders, when each parent gets the child, usually enacted by legal professionals, but could be officiated by MHPs.

Visitation enforcement – enacted by legal professionals in court actions.

Monitored visitation, neutral drop-off and pickup, supervised visitation – claimed to be a protection against abusive fathers. For instance, when a court recognizes that a Mother has been severely beaten by Father, a neutral drop-off, like a local police station, would be assigned. If the court recognizes a history of father’s beating of the child, a monitored or supervised visit is ordered, Father is quickly cured and deemed safe for unsupervised visits. In actuality, Mothers are the ones being ordered to supervised visits because they have resisted fathers abuse, the court labels PAS or another made-up danger to the child (see Chapter: The Vagina Claim), and the only way she can see her children is supervised visits which she is ordered to pay for.

Development of guidelines for visitation and custody – these are custody orders enacted by legal professionals, could be in conjunction with MHPs, similar to parenting plans, just another name.

“Motherless America’s” chapter entitled “Players and Their Methods” contains a vast analysis of court service providers and their tactics.