Sample Letter to Legislators
Sample Letter to Governor and AG

We must start with education. Then we must gather our data with accountability. Then we can demand reform. You can help by compiling the data for your state. A how to will be posted in the future. We will need representatives to work on reform at the state-level as we develop. A process is outlined below and will continue to improve. We welcome all informed suggestions for reform.

Our Motto is: Focus on the Long-Term – Work Day to Day

    1. Public Marketing/Media Campaign – tie to fundraising – link to MACCA website

      Without funds
      • Publish articles link to MACCA website)potential target publications include:
        women’s organizations newsletters - NOW
        feminist-leaning magazines - MS
        liberal, investigative reporting magazines – The Nation, Mother Jones
      • Social Media Campaign –
        Post video of this workshop on MACCAbuse website
        Post other proof of problem video’s –judicial trng, reentry program
        Post Vaknin and Stark BMCC videos for broadening definition of abuse
        Moms post link of their social media pages
      • With funds
        • Hire agency,, to design a social media campaign
        • Legislators
          • Develop a presentation for legislators explaining funding & omission of abuse
          • Train a lobbying force
          • Develop answers for political action – see accountability and reform
    1. Obtain by Freedom of Information Act – Right-to-Know – Sunshine Law:
      1. $10 million yearly OCSE grant since 1997 accounting – who got this money and for what

      2. Names of OCSE contractors for each State, each jurisdiction in that State. Contractors could be called: court service providers, mediators, counselors, parent educators, co-parenting coordinators

      3. With contractor list get the names of cases they worked on

      4. Training materials for OCSE employees, masters, hearing officers, staff, conference officers

      5. Training materials for family court judges including the group who gave the training.

    2. REFORM

      1. Require States to institute due process and accountability protections within two years or the federal child support 66% funding match will be withheld. This is akin to how the fatherhood program was incentivized with $10million grant.

      2. Require States to create a culture where truth is paramount. That means using fact and law, not irrelevant tests, and includes MHP sessions being recorded and made a part of the record.

      3. Any State who has laws forbidding ethical complaints against any court service providers would have support money withheld.

      4. Any State that permits jailing for family law contempt, debts owed in support or to court service providers would have support reimbursement withheld.

      5. Accountability protections would include requiring courts to publish on-line:
        • an accounting of each court service provider;
        • the amount of contract payment they receive;
        • the protocols a custody evaluator is using (tests, what investigative measures); service providers curriculum vitae – education, training, hands on experience;
        • how many times judges appoint service providers, and who they are;
        • which parent is given custody by judge determination - not mutual agreement.
      6. Encourage states to develop standard investigation forms in the manner of CASI for contested custody.

      7. There MUST be separation of custody and support. Support should not a reward for custody, nor should custody be given to reduce support.

      8. Make support office a family-friendly place for both parents – not one gender. Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect by every employee. Administration should have a process for complaints against court employees including judges, intermediate judges, and contracted service providers.

      9. Replace Court service providers with economic improvement services that HELP families. For instance: Education, skills training for higher wages. Support should merely be a bridge until mom is self-supporting. Poverty reduction instead of fatherhood!